During the course of about 45 days in late 2019, I interviewed 30 inspiring people I know from various arenas — entrepreneurship, theatre, art, social justice — and wrote, edited, and published their stories, intending to give a hearing to some stories that might not have been told before, but truly deserved to be.

In 2019, my partner and I were unable to travel for the Christmas holidays. Since we'd have to work, I set myself a goal of interviewing friends near and far who'd had great success in a variety of industries: entrepreneurship, art, health, and so on, with a goal of publishing stories about their lives that might not have been told before.

The project was conceived, created, and published in November and December 2019. They were published all together on December 30th of that year.

I chose people who I knew would have killer stories, and whose success I admired and wanted to learn from.

I knew their stories would be inspiring, but what I learned surpassed all my expectations on that front. Everyone I spoke to, accomplished as they are in their fields, spoke of moments of self-doubt, hesitation, or times when all was lost.

Yet they overcame whatever odds were against them to create something beautiful or meaningful or good for the world.

I was inspired by them before. I was even more inspired after.

I now believe that self-doubt is nothing to worry about or be concerned by. In fact, it might be a driving creative force for some of the most powerful, talented, vibrantly creative among us.

I'm proud to know these folks, proud to have been trusted with their stories, and proud to be able to present them here, together.

I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.